Step-by-Step Guide: Using the Dashboard


A handy guide that shows you how to set up and use our free Dashboard.

This guide walks you through setting up a Dashboard account with us so that you can manage everything in one place.

The iNet Ventures Dashboard allows you to:

  • View past and present activity
  • Obtain quotes
  • Purchase products and services within minutes
  • Customise orders
  • Raise support tickets


Set Up Your Account In 3 Steps


  1. Go to our Dashboard page and click Sign Up (circled below).
  2. Complete your details and click the blue SIGN UP

  1. You will receive an email to verify your address. Click on the link and log into the iNet Ventures Dashboard using the credentials you supplied during set up (step 3).



The Dashboard

The Dashboard displays a summary of past and present activity with us.  Each section gives you access to more information and tools.


Updating Your Info

We would recommend keeping your personal details up to date so that we can correspond with you.

  1. Click on the green Update button in the Your Info

  1. In the My Details tab, ensure that your details are correct including the Payment Method and Default Billing Contact you would like to use.
  1. Select the Contacts/Sub-Accounts option from the left menu.

Here if you wish, you can add multiple people to your account.

If you want to give people access to ordering services under your account, ensure you have ticked the box shown below:


If this box is unticked, your contacts will only be able to view account information.

You can change these details (including Email Preferences) at any time.


  1. Click the blue Save Changes button at the bottom.

Using the menu on the left, you can also Change Password and view past emails sent to you.


Click on Home to return to the Dashboard.




What Your Dashboard Now Shows

If you added new contacts, these will be shown on the Dashboard.

You can also see shortcuts for ordering new services and to log out of the Dashboard.




Along the top, you can see a box that shows you a snapshot of the services you have purchased with us.

Currently, we offer:

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Content Writing
  • Local Business Citations
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Product Addons (tailored options based on your selected products and services)

Any new services and products will be added to this list.


  • Click on the Services box (highlighted above).


In the main table, you can see a list of products or services you have purchased, their cost, delivery due date and their status.


On the left is a summary of the status of your orders.


To place a new order:


  1. Click on the Place a New Order link from ‘Actions’ menu on the left-hand side (shown below).

The menu on the left displays a list of services and product categories.

When a category is selected, the main window displays the related services and products that are available to order.

  1. Choose which product or service you would like to order and click the green Order Now
  2. This takes you to the Configure Here you can tailor your order.  The options you will see will vary depending on what product or service you are purchasing.

As you configure your order, you will see an up-to-date order total in the Order Summary box.

If you have a larger order, you can select the Spreadsheet View.  This changes the view of your configuration options at the bottom of the screen.

Form view (default):

Spreadsheet view:

  1. After you have finished configuring your order, click the blue Continue

  2. You can now Checkout or Continue Shopping. Alternatively, you can also Empty Cart to restart your order.


If you choose Checkout:

  1. Select your preferred payment method.
  2. Enter any additional notes you would like to pass on to us.
  3. Click the blue Complete Order button.

You will now see an invoice for your order.  Alongside your order confirmation, this invoice will also be emailed to you.


At this stage, you can change your Payment Method (highlighted below).

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your invoice. Here you have three options:
    1. Print your invoice
    2. Download your invoice to save a copy
    3. Go Back to Client Area

If you chose to go Back to Client Area you will return your Dashboard’s homepage.

As you can see (highlighted below), your dashboard shows that you have one unpaid invoice.

When you click to view more information, you will see this invoice in your list.

To pay your invoice:

In order to pay your invoice, you must set up your chosen payment method.

Bank Transfer requires you to add funds to your account.

PayPal or Stripe will amend your invoice and provide a link to your account (highlighted below).

 For more information on payment methods, go to the Payment Options section of this guide.


When you purchase a product or service, we may generate a quote.  This snapshot is displayed on the Dashboard.

  • Click on the Quotes box (highlighted above).


The main table shows you a list of quotes, their subject, when they were created, when they are valid until, and what stage they are at (‘Delivered’ or ‘Accepted’).

On the left, you can also see a summary of how many quotes have been delivered and accepted.

The left-hand side menu also gives you access to the Billing section of your account.


My Invoices

  • Select My Invoices from the Billing area (shown above) or, from the Dashboard home page.

This area displays your invoice history.

The main table shows a list of invoices, their date, their due date, the invoice total and its status.

The number of unpaid invoices is displayed on the left alongside a status summary.

Another way to access your invoices is through your Dashboard’s homepage:


Payment Options

Mass Payment

This feature allows you to pay all due invoices in one step.

  1. Select the payment method.
  2. Click the blue Make Payment button.


Add Funds

If you wish, you can deposit money in advanced.  This balance will be used to pay for orders you have with us and is ideal if you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer.

Click on Home to return to the Dashboard.


Support Tickets

You can see a snapshot of any support tickets you have raised.

  • Click on the Tickets box (highlighted above).

The main table shows the department who is handling your ticket, its subject, its states and when it was last updated.

On the left, you can see a summary of statuses (the View section).

You can also raise a new ticket by clicking on Open Ticket from the Support section of the left-hand side menu.

Another way to raise a new ticket is through your Dashboard’s homepage (highlighted below):


Another source of support is our knowledgebase (highlighted below).

  • Type a question into the box and press Enter on your keyboard

This will take you to a list of related articles.

On the left menu you can:

  • Access other articles in different categories
  • Select a link from the ‘Tag Cloud’ to see related articles
  • Access existing support tickets
  • Open a new ticket

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