Fraudulent clicks on an ad unit can result in a suspended account for a website owner using the Google AdSense service. On the opposite hand, a user paying for the same service as an advertiser can also become a victim. What does this mean? Ask Google. Perhaps this recent activity was nothing more than a wake-up call to Google themselves.

Was the so called Zombie Updated nothing more than a wakeup call for the search giant Google to be aware of a system which is highly manipulated? Quite possibly. Image this – a bunch of bots hit adverts (on a scale not seen before), without you realising anything was happening, then Google suspend you on the basis that they’d guessed you’d created that very situation. What if you hadn’t? How about if some random person or country had?

What does this mean? As an AdSense user, your account may have become suspended, or investigated. As an advertiser, your website may have received a crazy amount of useless traffic, some of which you’ll have paid for, even if at a fraction of the cost.

Should you be worried? Possibly.