Blogger Outreach Service FAQs

Is Your Service Ideal For Clients Outside Of The UK?

Yes. We work with agencies from all around the world. If you’d like to arrange payment in a different currency simply contact.

Can You conduct Outreach For All Niches?

We have experience working with some obscure niches such as pay day loans. If you want us to work on such a niche, get in contact to discuss pricing and requirements.

How Does Blogger Outreach Work?

Blogger outreach is a powerful marketing process. To find out more, read this guide.

What Types Of Websites Will Links Be Placed On?

Working with a large variety of publishers, we’ll match your niche with a website and topic that is a close and ideal match.

Which Payment Methods Do You Offer?

We accept credit card and direct debit payments, PayPal and direct bank transfer. Each payment method is selectable when placing an order.

Do You Give Any Guarantees?

Yes. Secured links come with a 300-day guarantee. Any that become unavailable within that time frame will be replaced. With that said, our relationship with publishers is designed for links to be shown permanently.

Who Writes The Content?

Our team of native writers will produce the content for placements.

Will My Links Be Do-Follow?

Yes – we guarantee that the links secured will be do-follow unless otherwise requested.

What Happens Once I’ve paid?

You’ve placed your order, that’s fantastic. Next, the team here at iNet Ventures will begin the process. Once completed, you’ll receive a report, available via email and inside your dashboard account, showing the placement links along with other relevant details.

Will Placements Include Other Links?

Yes, we highly believe that links are extremely useful for readers and helps to keep things natural, thus, we generally include a variety of useful sources.

Do You Secure Placements for the Gambling Niche?

Yes. It is a niche that we work closely with. Feel free to get in contact so we can discuss pricing and requirements.

Can we Pre-Approve The Sites Before Placements go Live?

Yes, simply select this option when on the ordering page. This feature has an extra fee per placement of £50. You’ll be able to choose from three websites per placement.

How Will You Avoid Duplicating Placements?

We have the tools in place to help ensure that we wont secure a placement on website’s that already contain a link back to the site in question. If this was to happen, we would replace the placement.

Content Writing Service FAQs

Who Writes The Content?

Our team of native writers will produce the content for placements.

Which Format Do The Articles Arrive In?

Completed articles are saved and delivered within a Microsoft Word document (.doc).

Do Articles Pass Through Copyscape?

Yes, we ensure that articles pass the Copyscape check.

Can I Request Changes To Content?

Within reason, yes. We’ll happily request the changes to the writer who produced the content.

Do I Need To Provide You With Ideas For The Content?

Yes, otherwise, the content might not be written to your requirements. Thus, please be as clear when providing details.

How Do You Deliver My Article Order?

Your articles will be bundled into a .ZIP file, you’ll be able to download it from within your dashboard area. If you’d prefer a different method, then we are more than happy to proceed with that.

What Purposes Can The Content Serve?

The articles are designed to be both user and SEO friendly – they are ultimately versatile. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as marketing and blog updates.

Local Business Citations Service FAQs

What Type Of Directories Will The Citations Be Featured On?

We submit to a variety of local citation websites, these include; HotFrog, FourSqaure, Smile Local and Free Index. See the examples tab for more ideas.

What Is The Purpose of Local Business Citations?

Local Business Citations are a fantastic way to bring fresh attention to a business. Not only will this boost a website’s authority, but it will help to put you on the map – Google and other major search engines will quickly understand your business location.

What Happens If I Wish To Edit Details After The Citations Go Live?

We provide the login details for each citation submission, this allows you to make alterations when you so desire.

How Many Citations Can I Expect To Be Approved?

This really depends on a variety of factors, such as the website’s niche – certain topics are more friendly to a directory than others. Furthermore, some directories are stricter than those with instant approval. Since we do not provide any guarantees as to how many local citations will be approved, we place a general estimate of between 20 and 60%.

What Information Is Required For The Submissions?

You’ll be required to provide general business information, such as; name, address, telephone number, email, category, website URL and a description.