Domain Authority Checker

This tool allows you to bulk check a list of URL’s for domain metrics, which include both Domain Authority and Page Authority. Simply enter your list of URL’s below and click the submit button. The tool is restricted to 10 checks per time, and you must remove http:// and / before hitting submit – simply use this format: www.domain.com or domain.com.

DA Tool

How to boost DA

The best thing you can do is embed outbound links to websites that have a high DA. However, this strategy needs constant updating as the DA of the websites that you link to, may fluctuate.

Also, DA is calculated based on the number of unique backlinks your website has earned. So finding one successful website who will link back to you is not enough.

Other things you can do are:

  • Produce high-quality and relevant content (this will naturally make people want to link to you)
  • Have a water-tight social media strategy in place (social signals indicate how useful your content is)
  • Create user-friendly and search engine friendly content (this includes layout and easy navigation)

Benefits of combining it with our Outreach Service

Our outreach service establishes links with influential bloggers to attract high quality backlinks to your website.

As mentioned earlier, working on boosting your DA is a tough job. It requires constant attention to the websites you are linking to and from. Furthermore, it is hard to convince influential websites to link to yours.

Our outreach service is aimed at doing this for you. We have established relationship with a large bank of successful bloggers. This means that we can build outbound links for you to websites that are relevant and with a high DA.